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EONE TECHNOLOGIES is made up of a bunch of smart and young, committed and hardworking OUTSYSTEMS certified professionals whose CORE focus is CUSTOMER DELIGHT AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION.



EOne Technologies Private Ltd. is a REGISTERED OUTSYSTEMS PARTNER engaged in the digital transformation of client business operations. With our core focus on rapid delivery, robust application and database design, and an elegant User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI), we strive to provide exceptional customer-centric services with complete commitment and transparent communication.

Software Development

We listen to our customer’s business problems with passion and enthusiasm to get to know them from top to bottom; we will help you transform your business by utilizing Outsystems based software solutions to make it work for your organization and people.

Product Development

We discuss customer product ideas and articulate the details to identify opportunities. Upon identification of scope, we work hand in hand with the client team to pin down the requirement, process, design and build the product.

Tech Team Extension

With a pool of highly skilled and experienced team members in the house and a network of personnel available on demand, we help customers achieve highly productive and cost-effective solutions swiftly.

Training Enablement

We provide on-demand/routine training programs to customers based on requests to improve business teams’ capability and knowledge through our comprehensive OutSystems product enablement program



We adopt a proven methodology to resolve customer business challenges by utilising an “Agile Approach” using a 4 SPRINT agile process, a best practice recommended by OutSystems, to ensure high-quality product delivery within a reasonable timeline and budget.

We gather customer requirements through questionnaires/discussions. Based on the needs gathered techno-commercial proposal is provided. Upon agreement, we plan and initialise Sprint 0

We synchronise our thinking and do a deep dive into initial requirements such that the customer product/project vision is detailed fully. We then chalk out the OutSystems Architecture & Application Composition Design, User Interface Design & Database Design.

We start building the code in sprints (one or more) per agreed timelines in the proposal to ensure that the product/project can be reviewed frequently. Any adjustments needed are carried out here.

Finally, the project/product/solution is ready for launch in this phase. We help your business with our crafted solution go live in the real business environment. Support and guide business users for a smooth transition and adoption



EOne Technologies Private Ltd. currently has 25+ trained and certified OutSystems Professionals to ensure successful delivery. We foresee tremendous growth in our group, with more and more customers adopting solutions/products using the OutSystems platform to achieve their Digital Transformation Dream.


With What We Do

Delivery OPTIONS

A delivery plan that can suit all of your requirements.


2 months of project timeline for web OR mobile application. Standard out of box features with limited customizations

40-50 Screens

0.5 PM & 0.5 Certified Tech Lead + 3 Certified Developers


4 months of project timeline for web AND mobile application and fully customize to fit your need. User Access Controls, Back Office Set Up, API Integrations & Email Integrations. Multi-lingual

70-80 Screens

0.5 PM & 0.5 Certified Tech Lead + 3 Certified Developers + 1 Dev & Tester


6 months of project timeline for fully custom web AND mobile application with double team capacity and fully customize to fit your need. User Access Controls, Back Office Set Up, API Integrations, Email Integrations, AD Integration or Multi factor Authentication, ERP/CRM Integrations, Analytics and Chatbox Multi-lingual Multi-tenant BPT(Workflow)

100-120 Screens

1 PM & 1 Tech Lead + 6 Certified Developers + 1 Dev & Tester


Multi project engagement running for an year or more

250+ Screens

1 PM & 1 BA & 2 Tech Leads + 9 Certified Developers + 2 Dev & Testers

OUR Success Stories

  • MEAL PLANNING & DELIVERY PLATFORM – This we had built from Scratch and Delivered Successfully for a South American Based Client. This application is currently Live & currently Production Support work going on
  • Reporting Suite – We Transformed Excel Power Query Based Reports into Outsystems for G10X and in turn for an European Retail Major. This application is currently deployed & UAT is in Progress
  • Mobile App & Cashflow Application – This is for an Australian Start Up real estate based financial services company. Here, we acted as the customer’s Outsystem’s team extension and we provided development Support. This is currently ongoing and we provide expert development support as and when required.
  • Security Dashboard Platform for a large security services firm in MEA – This we are currently designing and building the application.
  • Drug Investigation Platform for a large pharma platform services company in India - This we are currently designing and building the application.

OUR Testimonials

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